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Hear from SMLS Students

Recently, we asked several graduating Millies to describe the SMLS experience and facilities from a student's perspective, in a  "virtual tour" of life at SMLS. We hope that you enjoy hearing directly from some of our students about St. Mildred's-Lightbourn School as well as the spaces they enjoy!

Special thanks to all of the students who recorded these videos, including Olivia '21 who managed the project and provided recording equipment, and Avery, SS12, who edited the final videos as part of her Marketing & Communications internship.

Welcome from Olivia

Lauren Talks about the All Girls Environment

Hear about Academic Support from Shabare

Emma Describes how Students are Supported

The Junior School Experience with Emily

Life in the Dedicated Middle School with Rhea

Favourite Experience as a 'Lifer' from Olivia

Visit our Art Spaces with Alina

STEM & Robotics with Amy

Athletics Facilities with Isabelle

Social Events in Senior School with Taylor

Global Citizenship Experiences with Nicole

Common Spaces & Centres with Eileen

Outdoor Spaces with Hilary

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