Girls' School Advantage

What do girls’ schools do best? A lot!

Whether they want to be astronauts, ambassadors, or accountants, girls need to know — not just to think, but really know, deep down in their gut — that nothing can stand in their way. Girls' schools send that message to young women every day.

Research shows that girls’ school environments add opportunities for young women. At St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School, our educational journey is one built on meaningful relationships, unparalleled programming, and expertise that’s based on what we know about the strength of girls’ education.

Setting Young Women up for Success

With so many choices available in both the independent and public spheres, the ‘added value’ of an all-girls school is a significant advantage to consider. The benefits at SMLS are both meaningful and significant.  At SMLS, girls occupy every leadership role, every spot on the math team, and every position in the robotics club. In fact, every aspect of SMLS – from the classroom to the athletic field to the academic program – is designed for girls. 

We strongly believe that an all-girls education sets young women up for success now and well into their future. We see it every day in the success of our students and in our alumnae.

The Girls' School Advantage: Get the Facts

International Coalition of Girls’ Schools

"Girls’ schools are a place where girls take center stage. And we think that's just where they belong. Let us be your guide as you explore more about what girls' schools are really like."

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