Mission and Vision

Our Vision

Young women empowered to challenge and transform the world.

Our Mission

To engage each girl in a personalized, real-world learning experience where she explores her unique pathways within a nurturing community. 
Updated strategic framework coming soon!

The Essence of SMLS

List of 4 items.

  • Each Girl at the Centre

    We believe that each girl is creating her own distinct educational pathway, as her interests, strengths and passions emerge. We are committed to co-creating that pathway with her in a personalized learning environment where each girl’s joy, laughter and love of learning belong.
  • Academic Excellence and Innovation

    SMLS is grounded in best practices and focused on innovation. We set the highest standards of excellence for our academic curriculum and signature programs as we develop ethical, culturally competent leaders who are catalysts for positive change.
  • Wellbeing and Belonging

    We understand that connectedness to oneself, others and the world around us is fundamental to our students’ learning and wellbeing. As a school community, we are united by our values and our commitment to building a just and inclusive environment with empathy, integrity and respect. We honour our Anglican heritage and welcome all faiths and cultures, celebrating the diversity reflected by each member of our school community.
  • Strength of Spirit

    We live in a complex world with uncertainty and change. We believe that resilience, courage and commitment are essential for our students and our community to embrace life fully, open ourselves to limitless possibilities, and boldly meet the unknown challenges ahead.