Signature Programs

Equipping Students to Achieve Excellence

SMLS students from JK to Grade 12 experience an enriched academic and co-curricular program through our unique signature programming. These programs are designed to give each student an opportunity to explore their own interests, talents, learning needs and strengths so that they are well equipped to achieve excellence in whatever path they choose.

Global Citizenship Signature Program

Real world learning and life skill development
Our Global Citizenship program, available to all girls from Grade 2 to Grade 12, engages students with the world beyond the walls of our school.  Our program immerses students in authentic, real-world experiences that enrich their academic knowledge and have application across a broad range of curricula, while remaining purposefully geared toward character development and nurturing of personal life skills.

Millies explore and connect with local and global communities through:
  • Community engagement and service learning
  • Cultural exchanges
  • Experiential learning trips
  • National and international student leadership opportunities
Our Millies have explored countries such as India, Bhutan, Japan, China, Australia, Panama, Costa Rica and Argentina, while local trips have included Ottawa, New York City, and Quebec City.

How do Millies benefit?

  • Develop key life competencies
  • Grow personal character
  • Establish a profound understanding of themselves and their place in the world
  • Are empowered to contribute both personally and professionally as community members and global citizens

Professional Internship Signature Program

Authentic hands on career exploration
Our unique Professional Internship Program provides every Grade 11 Millie with the opportunity to explore personal career interests in a customized, OSSD credited, 4-week work placement across a wide range of specialized industries.

Some companies that participated last year include:
  • The Hospital for Sick Children
  • Comtek
  • Ernst & Young
  • Gap Medics

How do Millies benefit?

  • Hands-on work experience that builds their resume
  • Gain valuable insights into potential careers at the right time, as they plan their post-secondary education.
  • Build professional networks
  • Develop skills outside of school activities
  • Learn to contribute and collaborate in a professional work environment
  • Gain competitive advantage amongst peers

STEM and Robotics Signature Program

Deepening understanding of STEMR through real world applications
STEM programming is built into our academic programming through all divisions and grades. For robotics, a progressive program, starting in Grade 1, deepens students’ understanding of STEMR academic streams through age appropriate and practical applications (e.g., building models (Grades 1-3), small robots (Grades 4-7), and large robots (Grades 8-12)).

Beyond academic programming, Millies can participate in additional STEM and Robotics activities, including co-ed club challenges that are fun or competitive, local or international (depending on their age). 

All MS girls and many JS girls participate in coding throughout the year to develop coding and programming literacy among our girls through applications that focus on logic, problem solving and critical thinking skills.

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  • A few of the outstanding accomplishments of SMLS’s competitive Senior Robotics Team SWAT 771 include:

    • The first Canadian robotics team sponsored by NASA (typically awarded to US schools)
    • The first Canadian all-girls team and only Canadian team to win the prestigious World Engineering Inspiration Award at the FIRST World Championships
    • The first all-girls team to be awarded the prestigious Regional Chairman’s Award
    • The only Canadian team invited to compete in Shengzhou China in July 2017, and recently hosted the Afghan Dreamers robotics team
    • The team were Ontario Provincial Champions in 2019.
    • They have also been awarded the prestigious Inspiration Award (2019), the Gracious Professionalism Award (2022) and the SustainabilityAward (2023).
Annually, more than 50% of our graduating class are accepted into STEMR-related study programs.

How do Millies benefit?

  • Experience the real-world application of STEMR concepts
  • Prepare for a rapidly technologically advancing world
  • Inspiration to pursue their passion in STEMR learning and related careers
  • Goal-setting and Personal growth opportunities through leading teams mentoring, and working collaboratively to solve problems
  • Connections with industry professionals and mentors

Arts and Design Signature Program

Developing creativity, self-expression and problem-solving
Millies receive a wide range of experiences in art and design: drama and theatre, instrumental and vocal music, visual art, communication technology, integrative arts programming and STEMR.  Art and design are woven into the curriculum through inquiry-based projects, design thinking and project-based learning. Girls have many opportunities to express their artistic talents and interests through exhibits, performances and concerts during the year.

How do Millies benefit?

  • Develop critical thinking
  • Understand and celebrate multiple perspectives and collaboration
  • Fosters self–discovery and imagination
  • Accept and thrive upon creative challenges, developing skills that lead to enhanced 21st century learning competencies

Active Healthy Living Signature Program

Developing lifelong commitments to active healthy living and habits of wellbeing
Our Millies have the opportunity, at various stages of development, to participate in physical fitness, competitive sport, creative expression and spiritual reflection.

Each girl is challenged to be her best-self with access to Spartan Athletic Teams, new and innovative fitness offerings, increased Professional Coaching, and community enriched programs, such as our signature Wellness Wednesdays, which aim to focus on each student’s well-being during their time at SMLS, and beyond.

Wellness Wednesdays are integrated into the students’ schedules, giving them dedicated time to prioritize wellness.
The Active Healthy Living program is aimed at empowering each student to take ownership of her own wellbeing.

How do Millies benefit?

  • Learn to establish healthy habits that will serve them well throughout their educational journey and life
  • Explore various sports and activities without long-term commitments
  • Stress management
  • Improved physical and mental health
  • Confidence building
  • Become the best version of themselves, with an emphasis on personal wellbeing