Student Success Centre

Unique Lessons & Programs

As experts on understanding how girls learn, we are dedicated to bringing out the best in each student. How? By encouraging her strengths and supporting her in areas that are more difficult for her.
Through our innovative Student Success Centre and Learning Strategies Program, Millies benefit from teaching teams that help develop differentiated lessons and programs to meet the needs of all learners. Some girls require skill-building, academic accommodations, and/or adaptive technology. Our specialists are able to work with the girls to nurture and develop their natural learning inclinations. The result is academic success.
We believe that all girls need to be aware of their learning profiles in order to implement effective strategies, to self-advocate, to achieve their goals. We are here to support their success.

Learning Strategies at SMLS

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  • About Our Program

    SMLS’s Learning Strategies program recognizes that each child has a specific style of learning and processing information, and we make every effort to address different learning styles and needs within the whole classroom setting. Where necessary, however, the Learning Strategists coordinate with classroom teachers in the implementation of one-on-one or small group learning opportunities for the girls.
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  • Our Primary Goals

    The primary goals of the program are to:
    • Implement strategies that facilitate learning
    • Provide specific remediation in areas of difficulty
    • Enable students to maximize their potential in the classroom and become more independent as learners
  • Role of the Learning Strategists

    The primary roles of the Learning Strategists are to:
    • Provide support for the students requiring specific instructional assistance
    • Share information to teachers about ways to teach to meet the unique learning profile of the student
    • Liaise with parents and be a resource for them about outside professionals and ways to support their child at home
    • Develop a learning plan for each student in the program