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Global Citizenship

Experience an Enriched Academic & Co-Curricular Program

Students from JK to Grade 12 experience an enriched academic and co-curricular program through our unique signature programming. These programs are designed to give each student an opportunity to explore their own interests, talents, learning needs and strengths so that they are well equipped to achieve excellence in whatever path they choose.

SMLS’s world-renowned Global Citizenship program, established in 1999,enriches the standard curriculum with lessons outside the classroom. It integrates academic studies with relevant career and life experiences in the real world, allowing students to graduate with enriched personal understanding, more curriculum credits and impressive academic achievements.

The program is purposefully geared towards character and life skills development and global citizenship. 
Millies develop leadership skills and gain confidence while experiencing international cultures. And it’s a wonderful way for girls to bond and become good friends, making local and global connections.

Learning Happens Everywhere!

Key Features of SMLS’s Global Citizenship Program:

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  • Connection with the Round Square Program

    SMLS has proudly been an RSI School for nearly 10 years. Our school received its official certificate and flag in October 2014, marking an important milestone in SMLS's history. 
    Our RSI membership enhances learning opportunities for our students. Our involvement with Round Square continues to provide service learning for our students around the globe, conference opportunities, and engagement in a vibrant community of schools.
    Round Square, based on the ideals espoused by Kurt Hahn and founded in the 1960’s, brings a focus to five pillars: internationalism, democracy, environmentalism, adventure, leadership, and service which create the acronym IDEALS. These pillars, in turn, support the development of: understanding, empathy, courage, stewardship and activism, curricular connections, and collaboration with a global community of like-minded educators, to celebrate and embrace diversity on a personal, national and global perspective. There is also a close tie to The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Program, which also supports the ideals.
  • Professional Internships

    Every Grade 11 Millie participates in a four-week compulsory work experience program in May, either locally or internationally. They can earn co-op credit while gaining workplace experience, and at the same time learn to apply, practice and refine the skills and knowledge they acquired to access helpful resources for post-secondary preparation and career exploration.
  • Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Program

    The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Program is an essential feature of Global Citizenship that encourages perseverance, self-reliance, and community service. SMLS students must complete the requirements for the Bronze level before graduation, and are encouraged to continue on to the Silver and Gold levels, which a record number of our girls are choosing to achieve. 
    This innovative Award program motivates young people in a variety of personal development activities, including community service, physical recreation, skills development and adventurous journey, all designed to advance the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the whole person.
    All Middle School students work toward the Junior Duke Award, focusing on many of the skills of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award program. Millies in Grades 3, 4 and 5 begin their Global Citizenship journey through participation in the "Millie 100" Program. As early as Grade 4, Millies experience their first overnight trip with the school. In Grade 4 and beyond, Millies are challenged on near and far adventures which include overnight camping, high ropes courses, winter survival skills, and learning to paddle a variety of watercraft.     
    All Middle School Millies take part in a four-day outdoor integrated educational experience with ALIVE Outdoors. This organization blends the benefits of working outdoors in a natural "unplugged" environment with intentionally planned, character-building workshops.


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  • Mrs. Kristin Read

    Director of Global Citizenship
    905.845.5830 ext. 828
  • Ms. Courtney Pickering

    Global Citizenship Duke of Edinburgh's Award Leader and Cooperative Education Teacher ext. 905.845.5830 ext. 886
  • Mr. Brian Dittmer

    Global Citizenship & Cooperative Education Teacher 905.845.5830 ext. 890
  • Mrs. Sarah McNelly

    Global Citizenship Administrative Assistant ext. 905.845.5830 ext. 890