Life at SMLS

House System

Unity Within Our School Community

The tradition of the House System is a vital and integral part of life at St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School. Every student and staff member belongs to one of the three Houses: Brant-Massey (red), Cartier-Vanier (green) and Grenfell-Alexander (blue). Sisters and Legacy daughters (whose mothers attended SMLS) are placed in the same House as their family members. 
Students and Houses work to earn House Points. Each student contributes to the success of her House in a number of ways: intramural participation, service to the school, club participation and involvement in various other activities. The goal of this program is to combine House spirit and school spirit, giving a family atmosphere and unity to our school community. It also encourages students to work together and with staff, developing leadership skills and personal growth, and rewards students who participate broadly in the life of the school.

The student with the highest point total at the end of the year receives a personal plaque and her name is engraved on the House plaques displayed at the school. The House with the top average points per student receives recognition at the final assembly of the year, and the House and academic year is engraved on the House Cup