Community Awards


In recognition of the dedicated service and accomplishments of our community members, SMLS honours members of the school community with three prestigious awards.

Now accepting nominations for 2021 Outstanding Alumna and Distinguished Service Award
Deadline: February 1, 2021

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  • Life Governor

    Life Governor Award, which is the school’s highest honour and is awarded bi-annually, honours extraordinary achievements of individuals who have demonstrated the values of SMLS, have had a longstanding commitment to the school, are excellent role models and ambassadors for the school, and have made a difference in the lives of others.

    The 2020 Life Governor Award was presented to Colleen McMorrow. Colleen is a former parent, former Board of Governors Chair, and member of our Leader’s Circle. Following a highly accomplished career with Ernst & Young, she now serves as a volunteer on numerous corporate and not-for-profit Boards. Colleen has remained involved and supportive of the SMLS community, and received numerous nominations and endorsements for this award.

    Life Governors
    2020 - Colleen McMorrow
    2018 - Anne Veale
    2016 - Mother Emily Ayckbowm (posthumously)
               Ruth Lightbourn (posthumously)
               Sister Anita Cook CSC
               June Cockwell
               Donald Pangman
  • Outstanding Alumna

    Outstanding Alumna Award is awarded annually and recognizes alumnae for significant achievements in their field and positive impact on the local, national or global communities, while upholding the principles and values of SMLS.

    The 2020 Outstanding Alumna award was presented to Dr. Lauren Briens ‘87. Lauren is Assistant Dean, First Year Studies, at Western University’s Faculty of Engineering. Not only has she achieved impressive success in her career and research, she remains involved and supportive of SMLS and our students, often visiting as a special guest speaker and mentor, offering unlimited help and advice to Millies interested in Western or Engineering, as well as attending our alumnae reunions in the London area. We will be formally recognizing Lauren at a future event - stay tuned for details.

    Outstanding Alumna
    2020 - Dr. Lauren TRIBE Briens '87
    2019 - Dr. Karolyn SMARDZ Frost '75
    2018 - Joanne BEAUCHAMP Stacey '78
    2017 - Olwen BARROW Davies '58
    2016 - Marion Bethel '71
    2015 - Dr. Emily Moore '87
    2014 - Christie Henderson '89
    2013 - Janet Stewart '60
    2012 - Melanie Aitken '84

  • Distinguished Service

    Distinguished Service Award celebrates and honours SMLS volunteers for their significant contributions over many years to our school community.

    The 2020 Distinguished Service Award was presented to Penny Olson. From the moment Penny joined our school community, she has generously given her time and talents to the betterment of SMLS and our Millies. She has held a broad range of volunteer positions over the years, humbly and effectively making a difference.  The inspiration for her generous contributions to the school community are her three daughters, Jacqueline ‘12, Michelle ‘15 and Erika ‘20. 

    Distinguished Service
    2020 - Penny Olson
    2019 - Cara Garvey
    2018 - Jennifer Diamond
                Amanda Ashton-Aquino
    2017 - Nadine Farran-Gatti
    2016 - Dr. Gilbert Lai
    2015 - Judith Nunn
    2014 - Dianne Lemieux
    2013 - Karen Holloway
    2012 - Cherilyn Carson
    2011 - Janet Pickell
    2010 - Andra Carpino


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