Our Millies: Catalysts for Social Change

A Special Blog Post from Head of School, Nancy Richards, M. ED

If the time passed since March 2020 has taught us anything it is that humanity as a whole must come together to influence positive change.

With that said, we can confidently claim that since 1891 St. Mildred's- Lightbourn School has been a pioneer in women's education, delivering a well-rounded curriculum of rigorous academic studies, global citizenship, competitive sport, healthy active living and community service. The tradition of inspiring and empowering women continues to be the hallmark of SMLS today.

As Karolyn Smardz Frost (‘75) wrote in her foreword to our 125th Anniversary History Book, “St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School is still educating girls who reach for the stars. Its students today are breaking new ground in robotics, continuing a century and more long tradition of competitive sports, performing in remarkably professional dramatic productions, exploring the globe both virtually and in person, and developing new and better ways to engage with and serve the community of which they are a part. And they still believe that there is nothing a woman can’t do.”

Yes, many of the issues society confronts today are different than those of the 19th century, the underpinning belief that each Millie can and will be a catalyst for positive social change remains unchanged.
Today especially our school can be a strong catalyst for social change through our leadership, curiosity, and determination. SMLS is a place where critical thinking, continuous learning, and true accountability inform all that we do. We know that justice and empathy are needed to build a more just world. And that is why "justice" is our school's theme this year.

As our entire school community practices the virtue of justice, striving to be fair in all that we do, we also will move to use this blog as a space that will give  a voice to the unique individuals who make up our vibrant community. In the coming months, this blog will feature conversations and discussions by thought leaders within the SMLS community.

The SMLS vision supports each girl in the pursuit of her dreams and passions. As a school we can help our students work through challenges believing that nothing will limit the pursuit of their individual dream. Our Founders opened the doors with the same intent - to teach girls to be courageous leaders who would live their lives with curiosity, reflection and a thirst for knowledge and have the courage to challenge and change the world.

We walk our journeys together at SMLS, and we welcome you, dear reader, to join us as we share the insights, experiences, stories, and inspiration that live within SMLS in the future of this blog and in our every day actions.


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