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If ever there was a time in this world that our society needed leadership to guide us into the next decade and beyond it is now. Many people have remarked that among countries that have responded most effectively to the COVID-19 pandemic, a number are led by women, such as New Zealand’s Jacinda Arden, Germany’s Angela Merkel, Denmark’s Mette Frederiksen and Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan.

As an article in FORBES on August 5 noted, “Only 19 countries around the world are currently led by women, and throughout the first few months of the pandemic, most of them had in common a relative success in fighting the virus…a study reveals that some characteristics that are typical to women in leadership positions were instrumental in the success of these countries…big thinking, empathy, and good communication skills.”
It has been said that a good leader is someone who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. That is the approach we take at SMLS with each girl and in her most formative years the acquisition of knowledge is critical. That’s the important first step in ensuring that learning becomes leading.
And, while the pursuit of academic excellence is core to what we offer each Millie, we recognize that there are many other skills that empower these girls and young women to emerge as leaders.
A recent example of how learning becomes leadership at SMLS was the production by our Prefects of a brilliant video addressing the new safety protocols. If you haven’t seen it please do take a few moments to watch it right here. This is such a good example of how these school leaders go and show the way for all students, teachers and staff at SMLS.
Across all levels, SMLS students have opportunities for leadership and learn the important skills of teamwork and collaboration. In their final year, girls can apply to be Prefects, who serve as the Grad Year student leaders of the school. The Head Girl is the “head” of the whole student body, who represents them at major school functions, leads the group, serves as a liaison between the staff and students, and helps maintain tradition and establish new policies. After a year of responsibility, her final duty is to give an address at the Senior Closing Ceremony.
Our Signature Programs also offer girls the opportunity to turn their learning activities into leading. Our Global Citizenship program engages students with the world beyond the walls of our school. Active Healthy Living guides Millies to better manage stress, improve their mental and physical health, build confidence, and thrive to be the best version of themselves.
You have often read how SMLS is actively engaged in inspiring girls to become empowered women. We also ardently believe that our Millies will contribute powerfully to the next vanguard of leadership our world needs.  And that’s how learning becomes leading at SMLS.

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