Busing Program

St. Mildred's-Lightbourn School is pleased to provide a flexible busing program for SMLS students in JK to Grade 12. The school runs buses providing service to Oakville, Mississauga and Burlington as well as areas further west, north and east. We work with our busing provider annually to ensure that the routes are as efficient as possible, providing the shortest ride time for each student. 

Regular Service

AM and/or PM riders receive door-to-door service.

Express Service

Express service provides group pick-up/drop off points for those riders in Areas B, C and D. This designated group pick-up/drop off location is the last pick-up point on the route to school and the first drop off point on the trip home. Buses will run an express route to and from these points. This express point location is dependent on each unique route and is determined once the routes are confirmed.

Occasional Riders
SMLS provides families who require part-time ridership the opportunity to guarantee a spot on the school bus. An annual fixed fee provides a student with a seat on the bus and a confirmed pick-up and drop-off time. There is an additional cost per each ride. Occasional service is not door-to-door; riders will be picked up and dropped off at a point close to home.

Unscheduled Riders

All SMLS students (JK to Grade 12) have access to the school bus program. Unscheduled service can be booked with the school’s Transportation Lead. A fee for unscheduled rides will be charged to the school account.

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