The Learning Journey Continues – from Home
Empowering SMLS students in unprecedented times

It’s in times such as this that we all come to learn more about the power of a community united in common purpose. From the youngest Millie to the most senior of our school staff, the collective response to Remote Learning during the COVID-19 pandemic has been remarkable. Without doubt, this is a trying time and a time when we all need to come together in the face of unprecedented and challenging circumstances.

We received this letter from one SMLS family. It isn’t hard to imagine the impact this letter had on our school’s team and we are sharing it as a testament to the good that can arise when we collaborate for the benefit of our Millies. Thank you to this family for their encouraging words, below:

“We’d like to acknowledge the incredible work each of you and the entire SMLS team have done in such a short time to adapt the school’s entire learning curriculum to these new circumstances we find ourselves in. Our family is truly impressed with the school’s creativity, agility and quick response. It was such an impressive and seamless roll-out today and our daughters were excited and up for the challenge.
“The online platform is being executed remarkably (I can only imagine the work that went into getting it all set up) and we’re very grateful the school’s chosen this approach. I especially want to thank our daughters’ teachers for the kindness, empathy and enthusiasm they showed in getting the girls comfortable with the new online classroom in such an easy-to-learn way, while also making it fun for the girls. I’m especially touched beyond words by their empathy, patience and gentle instruction with the girls today... We’re so fortunate to have you as our children’s teachers.
“We’ve always known our girls were in good hands and attending an exceptional learning institution these last 6 years. It’s how the school has responded during these challenging, uncertain times to put the best interests of the girls first, that really sets St. Mildred’s apart. The very innovative and very human approach we witnessed today only underscores for our family how exceptional St. Mildred’s truly is and what incredible educational leaders we have leading and teaching our daughters. We are so thankful from the bottom of our hearts.
“We hope you and each of your families stay healthy, positive and inspired as we weather these uncertain times. We will get through this crisis as a community. We will learn a tonne and we’ll all be stronger for it in the end. We’re very proud to be a part of this school community.”

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