Why Every Girl Can Go Above and Beyond

There is a wonderful thing that happens at our school. From the moment a girl enters our program she begins a journey that will take her down many roads. Some of the destinations are planned and part of the regular curriculum. These are the roads that provide fundamentals and foundations upon which girls build their personalized map to emerge as empowered and thriving women. 

What’s especially noteworthy about the Millie’s journey, though, is how she experiences an enriched academic and co-curricular program delivered by teachers who are experts in educating girls. From Preschool to Grade 12, we support each girl’s interests, talents, learning needs and strengths, and our world-class facilities and signature programs help equip her to achieve excellence in whatever path she chooses.

As we remarked in last month’s blog post, since our founding, St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School pointed its students in a direction that contradicted expectations for women at the time.

That’s why we see such a marked difference in how Millies make their way through the educational process. There are many elective programs that our girls can choose including coding clubs, math and science contests, and athletics activities that rival much larger schools. And, what’s so special is that Millies genuinely thrive in these co-curricular undertakings. 

One of the most remarkable programs offered is our STEM and Robotics Signature Program, which challenges girls from Grades 1 through 12 to participate in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) as well as robotics building and operating.

At the primary level, students use LEGO® bricks to build a model that features a real-world scientific concept to be explored. 
At the secondary level, girls can join the school’s FIRST Robotics club to build and program robots that perform prescribed tasks against a field of competitors. Since the club’s inception in 2002, our robotics team has grown from two girls to more than fifty, making it among the largest clubs within SMLS – and one that has forged a pathway for girls in the Oakville community and beyond. Our Senior School team, SWAT 771, holds the title of being the first Canadian, all-girls’ team, and the first Canadian team to the prestigious Engineering Inspiration Award at the FIRST Robotics World Championships.  

Perhaps what is most extraordinary about our STEM & Robotics program is its long-term impact on SMLS students and their future career choices. At SMLS, more than 50% of our graduates chose STEM-related fields of post-secondary study. 

We are tremendously proud of all of our Signature Programs, which provide Millies with a breadth of choice to further explore those areas that are of the greatest interest to them. 

Through the Global Studies Signature Program, Millies choose to explore and connect with local and global communities through:
  • Experiential learning trips
  • Community engagement and service learning
  • Cultural exchanges
  • National and international student leadership opportunities

Our Millies have explored countries such as India, Bhutan, Japan, China, Australia, Panama, Costa Rica and Argentina, while local trips have included Ottawa, New York City, and Quebec City. Last year, our Millies made 11 international trips to 14 different countries.

If a Millie is more inclined toward pursuing her interest in the arts, our Arts and Design Signature Program offers her boundless opportunities in drama and theatre, instrumental and vocal music, visual art, communication technology, integrative arts programming and STEMR.  Art and design are woven into the curriculum through inquiry-based projects, design thinking and project-based learning. Girls have many opportunities to express their artistic talents and interests through exhibits, performances and concerts during the year.

For girls in Grade 11, our unique Professional Internship Signature Program provides the opportunity to explore personal career interests in a customized, OSSD credited, 4-week work placement across a wide range of specialized industries. Hands-on work experience provides our girls with valuable insights into potential careers at the right time, as they plan their post-secondary education. The professional experience gained through this program enables Millies to build professional networks, develop skills outside of school activities to help build their resumés, learn to contribute and collaborate in a professional work environment, and gain competitive advantage amongst peers.

We invite you to explore all of the very special avenues our Millies follow as they emerge into the wonderfully capable women they choose to be.

We also invite you to experience this first hand by attending one of our upcoming Open Houses where you can meet the people and girls who really bring the learning at St.Mildred’s-Lightbourn School to life.

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