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SMLS offers a wide range of experiences in the Arts, including Dramatic and Theatre Arts, Instrumental and Vocal Music, Visual Art, and Communication Technology, within and beyond the classroom. Traditional techniques parallel contemporary approaches. Information technology is integrated throughout all aspects and levels of the programme. Highly qualified instructors provide an outstanding curricular and co-curricular program.

The Arts play a special role in the education of the whole child. Early arts education in the junior school is used as a tool to reach a wide range of students with diverse learning styles, allowing them to develop their personal strengths. In middle level and senior school students continue to draw on individual learning styles, which often increases their performance in other subject areas. As we teach students to transfer the unique skills learned in the arts to other areas of their lives, they begin to recognize these special aptitudes.

Scientific research shows that the female brain is structured for communication. Intrinsically, the Arts are vehicles for expression. Since girls are natural communicators they innately embrace the collaborative, flexible and creative skills central to success.

We know that study in the Visual and Performing Arts fosters creative and inquiring minds. Arts education develops vital higher-level critical thinking and problem-solving skills, increases memory capacity, concentration and eye-hand coordination, and improves imagination and the powers of observation.

Students develop valuable personal skills and attitudes through an education in the Arts, such as, collaboation, initiative, self-discipline, self-confidence, poise, responsibility, risk-taking, leadership, perseverance, patience, and the ability to communicate effectively.

These life skills foster innovative thinkers and prepare students for the world beyond the classroom. Creative, innovative minds are in high demand in industry and business. In fact, the top business schools, such as, Harvard Graduate School, now include courses in design thinking.

Through the arts students are engaged in a process of self-discovery as they find their place in the context of their environment and the larger world around them. They begin to acquire a wider perspective, tolerance, appreciation and celebration of cultural, social and personal differences, fostering richer life experience.
"Logic will get you from A to B.  Imagination will take you everywhere."
-Albert Einstein

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